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eatsoylentgreen's Journal

5th August, 2019. 11:52 pm.

I moved a few boxes to the new place, and played some games tonight. It was fun.

Played a Kickstarter game based on Homestarrunner's Trogdor video game. Hard! We lost several times. I think either we didn't understand all the rules or else the game is just on impossible mode.

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29th July, 2019. 6:08 pm.

FB doesn't have the subtlety that actual relationships require, it's a place where fireworks predominate.

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23rd July, 2019. 12:00 pm.

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18th July, 2019. 7:05 pm.

not much to report over here. Feeling bored and want to take another wandering vacation. Last night played board games with some kids, that was fun.

Thinking of leaving Facebook because it's so toxic. I put a lot of good stuff on Facebook but I don't get much out of it.

I should be looking for work but most days I just don't care.

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8th July, 2019. 2:27 pm.

now to get my hands on some food

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8th July, 2019. 12:26 pm.

This last weekend was Convergence, the local scifi fantasy gaming convention. I wanted to get away from the bulky costumes, and more towards my goal of "comfy shoes and an interesting hat" sort of costume. But I'm extra, so I dressed up as No Face from Miyazaki's "Spirited Away".

No Face was Miyazaki's representation of the corrupting influence of western society: overeating, throwing money around, and consuming everyone. Valid for Convergence.

Con was good, House of Toast was good, but I want to spend less time running around and more time touching base with people, building more intensive relationships. Especially if I don't want to stay a bachelor forever.

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7th January, 2018. 1:51 pm.


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5th January, 2017. 12:13 pm.

I made a reasonable fish taco! can't tell you exact amounts but I'll tell you how I did it.

Take the rib out of a big collard green leaf, dice and microwave it. Get a small spoon and dish two heaping spoonfuls of fish into it (I eat that every day, no more no less). I used canned jack mackerel, which is about the cheapest fish possible. And maybe 2 heaping spoonfuls of salsa, I use Salsa Lisa. And some beans. You decide how much. Pretty much a third of this mix is beans.

Make your tahini mayo substitute by taking the juice of 1/3 of a lime, and add 2 tsp of nut butter (I eat this every day, no more no less). Spice it with mustard, garlic, onion powder. Add water to the right consistency. Lemon grass?

Put both of these on a corn tortilla with avocado, cilantro, fresh tomato, lime juice.

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9th October, 2016. 8:59 am.

if you want to reach me, good places are


and eatsoylentgreen.tumblr.com

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9th October, 2016. 8:03 am.

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