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a COVID death he saw coming

A friend of a friend named M--- H---- about age 60, died from COVID.  Here's some posts:


March 18 ·

M--- H----: Ending my self-imposed Facebook boycott for a moment...

I'm fine, my folks are fine. I've been on a vacation scheduled before all this started. Going back to work on Sunday, into a one-room floor where we're packed like sardines. I'm assuming that once I do I'll be infected and won't be going out except for the dog. Not looking forward to it even though I stocked up.

L M: Glad you are doing well! We also assume we'll get it interfacing with hundreds of customers daily. I'll be surprised if you guys aren't shut down within a week.

M--- H----: We're the ISP. Our center fixes 10,000+ people's internet a day along with thousands of phones, most of which belong to the elderly. I don't know if we're considered an essential service, but we should be.

There is absolutely no reason I couldn't work from home, but that would take a level of organization Spectrum simply doesn't have. I wish I could deliberately get the virus and then stay home for a couple weeks rather than worrying every day if this is the day I'll be infected.


April 1 at 11:20 AM ·

M--- H----: I have covid 19 and my computer broke. If something happened to my dog I could make a. Country music song out of this. I am miserable but in no danger. D is making sure of that.


April 2 at 12:53 PM:  Day 3 of COVID:

M--- H----: Not real impressed yet. Little tired, little weak, little dehydrated (drinking lots, peeing lots). I've had worse. Heck, I've gone to work with worse, though I didn't enjoy it. Only weird part? At 9:30 my under-tongue temp was 99.8. Three hours later, it's 101.2. At that rate, I'll have to comb carefully when I go to bed so my hair doesn't catch fire.

Anyhoo, can I talk anyone into giving my dog a walk? The gate facing the street is unlocked, and he's semi-controllable with the leash under his chin. I have the leash out there with a can of Alpo. If/when Luke gets away, he'll come back for that dog food.


April 9 at 9:45 AM ·

L M : J has worked a miracle and arranged for 3 people to get antibody tested for COVID-19 today. If any of them has antibodies, they can donate plasma to M--- and give him a chance against the virus. Feeling a tiny bit of hope. And a lot of gratitude for all the folks working night and day to keep M--- with us. 


6 friends posted on M---'s timeline

April 9 at 9:58 AM ·

Sending healing thoughts your way M---!!!


April 13 at 10:45 AM ·

L M : M--- is still hanging in there at Soin ICU. He's made it to Day 14, which is a good sign in itself. It appears that the virus has fled the scene, leaving M--- to recover from the damage both from COVID-19 and the prolonged time on paralytics, 100% oxygen, etc. If things continue to go the direction we want, we are looking at a recovery in weeks and months, not days.

Keep soldiering on, Social Distance Warriors! Your daily sacrifices are the reason M--- got a RotoProne Bed, a CRRT dialysis machine, a ventilator, the medicine he needed, one-on-one nursing for his whole stay so far, and so much attention from his team of doctors. And you are the reason M---'s providers have adequate PPE to keep them safe. You are helping to save lives, and we are so grateful. 


April 18

I was just informed that a mutual friend of mine named M--- H----, passed away. Cause of death was COVID-19.

People, this virus is serious. It does not discriminate against age, gender, income level, ethnicity, etc.

Be smart, be covered. But most of all, BE SAFE. It took M--- away too soon.


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