eatsoylentgreen (eatsoylentgreen) wrote,

a sad post from my sad life

where can I write something so no one will read it?  LJ of course!

Feeling more down than usual.  

A friend was found dead in his apartment yesterday.  They don't know why he died but he probably killed himself.  He was feeling really down, for several months.  Another COVID death that won't get marked as one.

He wasn't a close friend, I don't have close friends, never have, just friends that occasionally share a laugh with me online, invite me over to eat snacks every few months.  It's my little life and I'm grateful for it.

I didn't follow the guy on FB, he was a little too creepy and incel for me (another creepy incel myself!)  He lived alone, and told the landlord who to call in case he was found dead.  And then the landlord found him dead.

So yeah, feeling numb and sad and angry and feeling that really, there's no where I can go, and nothing I can do, to fix that.


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